Brain of teh Zwarm [1]Zwarm stands for zombie swarm and the 'typo' in teh / the is intended.
The name is an allusion to StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.
is a 2D game, that was created in the winter semester 2013/14 at the Media Design 1 course of B.Sc. Media Systems (B-MS) and was extended in the summer semester 2014 at the Media Design 2 course.

In this side-scrolling zombie game with stickman graphics the player controls a zombie and hunts down humans. Other zombies are helping the player by joining him.

Some of the human opponents are armed with firearms and attack rambling zombies. The player can use gathered human brains to heal himself or to get temporary speed boosts.

Brain of teh Zwarm is a endless game, that is running until the player dies. The game world is constantly generated randomly infront of the player and gets destroyed behind of him to make that possible.

The graphics and the font were drawn on a white board, photographed and digitally edited. Technically it's a 3D game with 2D graphics, which are aligned to the camera perspectively.

Because the Unity game engine was used, Brain of teh Zwarm can be played directly in the browser with the Unity Web Player on this website. Alternatively, it can be downloaded there for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux and Android.

Languages C#
Tools Photoshop, MediaWiki
IDE Unity, MonoDevelop
Participants 1

Robin C. Ladiges / Brain of teh Zwarm

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