Welcome to my online portfolio,
I'm Robin, 35 years old software developer from Hamburg (Germany), with a focus on computer games.

Screenshot from Death Star PD
Death Star PD

Some areas of this website are protected with a password. You can get one either by requesting it from me or I already gave you one with my job application.

Individual contents that I have produced or contributed to, e.g. websites, video games and programs, can be found under Projects. The data for the Lines of Code charts was generated with cloc[1]These are Source Lines of Code (SLOC), code without comments (seperately listed) and without blank lines.

The language recognition is based on file extensions and is applied on whole file. Therefore embedded code of other languages isn't recognized, which is why not all used languages are displayed in the charts.

Comments in embedded languages are wrongfully counted as code.

Screenshot from Brain of teh Zwarm
Brain of teh Zwarm

In the Education region is a list of all the schools, universities, internships and certificates that I attended / achieved. The protected area of this region consists of Grades, Leaving Certificates, Certificates of Attendance and detailed descriptions about the courses and my activities.

Languages is an exhaustive tabular listing of all programming, markup and stylesheet languages that I've worked with, together with references to where they were used.

Textbooks that I've read and estimates of how much of them I've understood are listed in the Literature section.

Robin C. Ladiges

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