Dark Side of Morra is a 2D game, that was created in the summer semester 2013 at the Project 1 course of B.Sc. Media Systems (B-MS).

In this story-driven platform game the player has to overcome difficult jump segments and enemies, to rescue the pink unicorn from its imprisonment by Monunkulus.

There are two levels, which contain four different enemy types, followed by a boss level. Besides the intelligent enemies, the levels contain moving platforms, teleporters, ladders, locked doors, keys, traps and NPCs.

The game was developed together with Bent Nürnberg (project leadership, controls, programming of the sprite's animation, sounds, credits, ...), Tanja Blücher (story, level design, camera, ...) and Dennis Nabel (graphics and animation). My main contributions to the project were the programming of the A.I. for the enemies, programming and level design of the boss level, and operating the SVN repository.

Because the Unity game engine was used, Dark Side of Morra can be played directly in the browser with the Unity Web Player on this website. Alternatively, it can be downloaded there for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux.

Languages C#
Tools Skype, Trello, Photoshop
IDE Unity, MonoDevelop
Participants 4

Robin C. Ladiges / Dark Side Of Morra

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