GameZ4you is a website, that was created in April 2008 at the AeHTML course of Berufsfachschule Technische Assistenz für Informatik (TAI) (vocational school - technical assistance for computer science) and was extended in the winter semester 2010/11 at the Business Studies 2 course of B.Sc. Applied Computer Science (B-AI).

This technical demonstration of a online marketplace offers computer games for purchase. Products can be added to the shopping cart and ordered after registering or loging into an user account.

The extensions that were made in 2010 are: structural parts list, ABC analysis, primary demand analysis, purchase recommendations and Google Analytics integration (deactivated).

The website was developed in 2008 together with Christian Stoffers (product texts and pictures), Henrik Kaese (HTML design) and Patrick Stockfisch (CSS design and logo). My duties were the development of the database and the programming of the dynamic aspects of the website. Dimitri Fast worked together with me on the extensions of 2010.

GameZ4you is available here.

Languages PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
Technologies Server2Go (Apache, PHP, MySQL), Google Analytics
IDE Notepad++
Participants 5

Robin C. Ladiges / GameZ4you

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