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Sim'rgy is a 2D game, that was created in the summer semester 2011 at the Serious Games compulsory elective course of B.Sc. Applied Computer Science (B-AI).

In this simulation game the player builds power plants to supply Germany with energy. Planted buildings can be upgraded or dismantled, and some can be configured in their performance and staff quantity.

Besides building, the player can adjust the price of electricity and can invest earned money into the research of future technologies.

Nuclear power plants involve the risk of reactor accidents, on which the player has to react quickly. Uranium and coal are exhaustible ressources that will run out. Photovoltaic systems are dependend on the sun's and wind turbines on the wind's intensity and on their location.

The game was developed together with Sebastian Möllmann. The game engine is a proprietary developement, using Java's AWT to draw 2D graphics with a Graphics object and JLayer from JavaZoom to play music and sounds.

Because Sim'rgy is a Java applet, it can be played directly in the browser on this website. The company Morgen in meiner Stadt GmbH has the exclusive right to distribute the game, with a exception for the distribution by the developers.

Languages Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript
Technologies Java applet, AWT, JLayer
IDE Eclipse
Participants 2

Robin C. Ladiges / Sim'rgy

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