Are we there yet? is an Android-App that was created in the summer semester 2014 at the Mobile Systems compulsory elective course of B.Sc. Media Systems (B-MS).

The task was to develop a native app for an arbitrary mobile operating system, acting as a measuring device that uses its embedded sensors. An Android-App was made to try to answer the age-old question from bored kids on the backseat: Are we there yet?

It answers this question at three aspects: distance, speed and time[1]How far is it away?
How fast are we moving?
How long until we are there?
, calculating one of them with the remaining two. Besides entering values manually or choosing from some predefined constants, it's possible to measure each quantity manually. Time by the internal clock, distance by the device's location provider, and speed as the combination of both.

Screenshot of the calculate time activity Screenshot of the choose velocity activity Screenshot of the measure velocity activity

It has a german and an english user interface, which is selected by the system language[2]Changing the system language while it's running results in a restart of the App. Its internal state will be lost.. It was developed in Scala, uses custom Views and an own implementation for units[3]The user can change between units of the same type (distance, velocity and time) at will. The values will be converted from unit to unit for display purposes, but the calculations are done in the corresponding SI units. Errors of accuracy are to be expected. and values.

Together with projects from other students of this course, the App was exhibited on 2014-06-24. The APK of Are we there yet? for Android 4.0 or higher can be downloaded by clicking here.

Languages Scala, UML
Technologies Android, AndroidScalaProguard, Google Play Fused Location Provider, Activities, Custom Views, SI-Units
Tools Dia
IDE ADT Eclipse with Scala IDE
Participants 1

Robin C. Ladiges / Are we there yet?

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