Comic: a wrong gesture results in a turret from Portal shooting the player and a correct gesture is rewarded with cake. It's funny as a picture, I swear!

Sonic Guessture[1]Sonic: sound, speed, bang, video game figure
Guessture: word combination of 'guess' and 'gesture'
is a puzzle game that was created in the winter semester 2014/15 at the Audio-Video-Programming compulsory elective course of B.Sc. Media Systems (B-MS).

The task was to develop an application to the topic 'Gesten steuern Musik' (engl.: music controlled by gestures). An acoustical puzzle game with gestures was made.

The player listens to broadly known music and has to guess which gesture might match the song. Guessing right, by making the gesture infront of the webcam, unlocks the next puzzle. The performance of the player will be rewarded with stars, in particular by being fast and solving the puzzle without optional hints.

Example[2]This example isn't a spoiler, because it is not part of the game. It merely illustrates the basic game idea.: the Overworld Theme from The Legend of Zelda requires the player to form a Triforce with their hands.

Four gestures were programmed. Technically, the picture of the webcam is captured with OpenCV, the skin color[3]The individual skin color of the player will be picked once at the beginning of the game. gets separated with color keying and the resulting bitmap gets analyzed for the gesture in question. Timing and rhytmic are additional recognition criteria for two of the gestures. Seperate threads in the Qt-Application are used for the GUI, music fading, camera capture, color keying, image analyzing and for the mediator[4]Mediator-Pattern (GoF:273), which are communicating with each other by an messaging system[5]Qt Signals and Slots.

Together with projects from other students of this course, the game was exhibited on 2015-01-27. Sonic Guessture can't be released, because of missing rights of use for the music and images[6]Images are used to unravel puzzles after the correct gesture was recognized..

Languages C++, UML
Technologies Qt 5, Multithreading, OpenCV, Color Keying, Gesture recognition
Tools GIMP, Dia
IDE Qt Creator
Participants 1

Robin C. Ladiges / Sonic Guessture

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