Simulation of AI in computer games is a topic that I've lectured about in the winter semester 2011/12 at the Seminar course of B.Sc. Applied Computer Science (B-AI).

The goal of the seminar was to teach fellow students about an artifical intelligence topic via a 30 minutes presentation, followed by an 15 minutes audience discussion.

The topic selection happened at the end of the previous semester. During the semester break I read two text books[1]Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland and AI for Game Developers by David M. Bourg and Glenn Seemann. about the topic for research purposes, so that I could held my presentation at the first appointment successfully.

Abstract and Slides

Sadly, I could only cover these topics of game A.I. theoretically in this seminar, but I partially implemented them later with Dark Side of Morra, Brain of teh Zwarm and Death Star PD at the B.Sc. Media Systems (B-MS) degree program.

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Robin C. Ladiges / AI Seminar

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